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Fact Sheets and Resources

Useful fact sheets and resources.

Fact Sheets

FY&N HandbookA Guide to Florida-Friendly Landscaping

This is the handbook for the Florida Yards and Neighborhoods program. You will find this handbook to be full information and tips to help you grow smart.

Florida-Friendly Plant List

Here you will find a list of plants that are well adapted to growing in Florida landscapes.

FY&N Micro-IrrigationA Guide to Micro-Irrigation for West Central Florida Landscapes

This guide will help you save water in your landscape. It is filled with info on proper planning, operation and maintenance of micro-irrigation systems.

Florida-Friendly Yards Coloring Sheet

This is a great coloring sheet to help get the kids involved. This sheet touches on each one of the nine FY&N principles and will encourage them to be Florida-Friendly.

FYN Official Yard Recognition Checklist

Download the official FYN recognition checklist.


Try this Interactive Design Tool to learn more about Florida-Friendly Yards Link to Florida-friendly Plant Database