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Image of Man Spraying PesticidesThe Pinellas County Commercial Horticulture Program provides education and training based on the latest research from the University of Florida. The Commercial Horticulture staff is available to help solve local problems, provide CEUs and, improve the quality of life for all citizens.

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Pinellas County Fertilizer Ordiance

Green Industry BMP: Do you want to apply fertilizers professionally? You need this 8 hr. class. This state certification has been required since January 19, 2011.
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Landscape Maintenance BMPs: Do you only mow, prune, edge, plant, or use a blower? You need this 3 hr. class. This county certification has been required since July 18, 2011.
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For more information or questions about the Landscape Maintenance training and certification please call (727) 464-4425 or email: watershed

Pesticide Testing

Pesticide Exams are offered the first Wednesday and Friday of each month. For more info or contact Bob Albanese (727) 582-2081

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You can be fined up to $5000 if you are applying pesticides to clients landscapes without a pesticide license
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