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Pinellas Green Building Program

green building logoThe Pinellas County Green Building Program supports the construction of green homes and businesses through educational programs for homeowner’s and contractors, and a Pinellas County Resolution providing incentives for the construction of green certified buildings. Pinellas County Extension can provide valuable information to homeowner’s and contractors interested in energy conservation and green practices.

Pinellas County Green Building Program

Pinellas County offers a Green Building Program incentive for contractors building homes or businesses with certification from one of the following.

Contact Pinellas County Extension (727-582-2100) or the Pinellas County Building and Development Review Services for more information. Incentives for the program include fast tracking of permits and marketing opportunities.

Homeowner and Contractor Education Programs

Pinellas County Extension offers a variety of homeowner and contractor educational programs for green building, energy conservation, water conservation and other green practices. Please check our online calendar to register for upcoming programs or the UF Program for Resource Efficient Communities site for contractor educational programs in Pinellas County.