University of Florida

Locally Grown Food

We each have a local business that we enjoy supporting through our regular purchases. It is our choice to be able to spend our money at a local business where we know the people and appreciate the products and services we get. For local farmer's, it is very difficult to get to know their customers. We ask a lot of our farmers. We ask them to provide wholesome and nutritious foods that taste great, conserve the environment, and safeguard our food supply from pollution and contamination. In our local market, you as a consumer have the power to communicate with farmers and to encourage them to grow your favorite foods and to make farming less about price and more about the natural and social communities in which you live.

Simple Steps to Get You Started

  • Use a Reusable Shopping Bag
  • Locate Your Nearest Farmer's Market
  • Learn About the Seasonal Avalability of Local Fruits & Vegetables
  • Commit to Purchase 2 Locally Grown Products Each Week