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Ocean Frontiers Movie Night

Let us reel you in to this film event on July 23. Examine caring for the ocean in four distinct communities across the USA and in your own backyard. Other screening dates Aug 1 and Aug 13.

Summer BreakSpots

Free healthy meals for kids and teens under 18 are being served all summer in safe locations. Find a BreakSpot near you!

Pinellas Palm Primer

Do you have or want palms in your landscape? This class will provide you with helpful hints on palm selection and care to help keep them healthy and thriving. Class July 9 afternoon and evening.

Summer Financial Webinars

Learn the 1, 2, 3's of Smart Money Moves on July 23 and How to Maximize Social Security Benefits on August 12 in this series of lunchtime webinars.

Backyard Poultry and Salmonella

Have chickens? Concerned about salmonella outbreaks in other states? While there are no reported outbreaks in Florida, we have the resources you need to protect yourself.




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