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Cooking Food Safely

Preparing our daily meals in a healthful and safe manner can be a challenge. Improperly cooked foods are the source of about 15% of all food borne illnesses. These illnesses can be prevented by keeping your appliances at the right temperature and using your appliances correctly. Two of the most popular ways to cook foods microwave, and slow cooker, keep cooking economical and if you follow the rules, safe. Knowing your appliances is not all you should do to keep your food safe. You should always keep an eye on the food temperature too.


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Image of a Holiday FeastHolidays are another time our food runs a high risk of being unsafe. We are preparing foods we only cook occasionally, transporting them to another site, or leaving them available for eating longer than usual. Under Holiday Cooking to the right of the page are some handy hints for Turkey, Egg Recipes, Buffets, Other Holidays Meats, Mail Order Foods, and Other Holiday Food Tips.

Holiday Cooking


Image of Food on a GrillAnother time that is extremely challenging for food safety is summer. Many of the activities we like to do during the summer lead to preparing food without a kitchen. This can be fun and safe if you follow a few simple rules for barbecues, hiking and camping, and road trips.

Outdoor Cooking