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Meet Some of Our Partners

1-800-GOT-JUNK? is your full-service junk removal company. The company offers junk removal services for your home or business. They are the junk removal company that handles the tough stuff – ensuring that your junk is recycled, donated, or otherwise disposed of responsibly. It is the World’s largest, Florida’s largest, and Tampa Bay’s largest junk removal company.

1-800-GOT-JUNK? believes what we do today affects all of our tomorrows. Their corporate obligations include any aspects of their business that impact society, the environment, and their people - customers, Franchise Partners, and employees. They are committed to continuously improving their environmental performance, starting with measuring and reporting the volume, composition, and landfill diversion rate of junk collected. To support their mission, they are committed to meeting or exceeding all applicable environmental requirements and adopt their own standards to protect the environment when laws and regulations do not provide adequate controls

61% of materials they collect avoid landfill through reuse, recycling and waste-to-energy (incineration). In the disposal of items that they haul for clients, their increased effort to reuse (via donations to local charities) and recycle have reduced their disposal costs this year by 8.3%.

The Bambú team is committed to enhancing hair’s natural integrity without the use of harmful chemicals that deprive hair of strength and beauty. Personalized precision-cuts with high-definition, natural coloring products leave our guests feeling luxurious long after their Bambú experience. We enlighten our guests with on-going techniques to maintain the salon-look every day. They practice Phytoremediation, which is the direct use of living green plants for in situ, or in place, removal, degradation, or containment of contaminants in soils, sludges, sediments, surface water and groundwater.Phytoremediationis: A low cost, solar energy driven cleanup technique. They also decorate their salon with recycled art pieces.

FIS™ is the world’s largest global provider dedicated to banking and payments technologies. FIS empowers the financial world with payment processing and banking solutions, including software, services and technology outsourcing. FIS’ more than 55,000 worldwide employees are passionate about moving their clients’ business forward. They continue to encourage green behaviors by awareness. Here are a few ways that they do that: They recycle all toners (funds generated are put back into their local community). Communications are sent to the campus as reminders and posters are in the hallway. They recycle plastic, aluminum, and paper (funds generated support the Ronald McDonald House) and have bins in both the break room and café. They host a recycle your heart out event to encourage recycling paper. Teams with the most pounds win a prize. They have given out reusable cups to the campus. They even recently gave out FIS Swag to folks that they saw using their reusable cups. In the restroom remodel they replaced the faucets with automatic faucets to conserve water as well as automatic paper towel dispensers. They recycle all computer equipment with a secure recycling service called Redemtect as well as lighting, industrial batteries, and pallets. They also recycle the unused butt rolls of paper from their print machines (they go to a local company that shreds them and turns it into dog bedding). They donate all unused office supplies to local schools in the area. They host a supply swap day where you can turn in supplies that you don’t use and swap them out for supplies that you do use.


A charming, beautiful gifts and engraving shop, Lasting Impressions offers amazing art pieces and souvenirs that compliment Florida’s beautiful west coast. At Lasting Impressions, they are continuing to update the latest LED lighting and replacing 14 year old window film with new clear ceramic window film that reflects 55% of solar heat, which will reduce further use of fossil fuels. They also have saved 41% of electrical costs because of the entire store being LED's, and since the new window film has just been installed, it remains to be seen on those savings. They will be tracking the reduction and are eager to see the results.


Lockheed Martin Aeronautics in Pinellas Park is the largest Aeronautics presence in the state of Florida. With core competencies focused on sheet metal and extrusion fabrication, structural subassembly and canopies, the Pinellas operation supports 14 different aerospace programs with customers across the country.  In 2016, the Lockheed Martin Aeronautics site in Pinellas Park, Florida is beginning a 2 year project to upgrade current processes to reduce their energy use up to 25%. They will be updating their current building management system, going to LED lights from fluorescent tubes, purchasing some dedicated outside air (DOA) units and balancing the air pressure in the building. These projects are being led by the Lockheed Martin Corporate offices as part of our company wide “Go Green” campaign to reduce water and energy use, waste to landfill and to raise our recycle rate. Once all of the projects listed above are completed they are looking to see at least a 25% decrease in energy usage, saving them roughly $145,000 a year.

Established in 1974, Plasma-Therm is a U.S. manufacturer of advanced plasma processing equipment, focusing on research and development to high-volume production in specialty semiconductor markets, including advanced packaging, wireless communication, photonics, solid-state lighting, MEMS/NEMS, nanotechnology, renewable energy, data storage, photomask, and R&D. Plasma-Therm offers leading etching and deposition technologies and solutions for these markets.

Some programs they participate in include:

  • Electronics and battery recycling programs.
  • New paper and cardboard recycling program, including recycle bins at every employee desk/cubicle.
  • Waste reduction program.
  • New, more efficient rooftop AC units
  • More efficient filtration systems in their clean room environment.

The combination of their filtration system and AC upgrades along with best practice energy saving techniques (ensure all employees shut down computers and monitors every night when leaving, reduce use of projectors in meeting rooms [including installation of white boards], etc.) have saved them 12-14% on monthly electric bills.

Waste reduction and paper recycling programs reduced their “landfill-bound” trash dumpster from 4 cubic yard to 2 cubic yard size. This means not only are they saving money, but they send less than half of the trash to the landfill as they did before the programs. They did add the paper and cardboard recycling receptacle, but one pickup per week was also eliminated. Total waste collection costs have been reduced by nearly 30%.

Squaremouth is an online company that compares travel insurance products from every major provider in the United States. Travelers are able to quote, compare and purchase travel insurance plans using Squaremouth’s comparison engine and over 30,000 customer reviews. All policies purchased through Squaremouth also come with our Zero Complaint Guarantee. Established in 2006, Squaremouth has grown to over $15 million in annual sales. The multi-award winning company has also received national recognition as one of the best customer service teams. Squaremouth continues to be a paper-free business, which alone saves the company more than $40,000 a year. As the company has grown and introduced new aspects to the business, it has made those processes paperless as well. The company employs recycling practices and repairs equipment using refurbished parts rather than purchasing new equipment, saving them more than $5,000 annually.Squaremouth offices minimizeenergy consumption by using energy-conserving blinds and shutting off air conditioning after hours.

This year marks the 50th anniversary that the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg (USFSP) has been accredited as a higher education institution and the first metropolitan university in the state of Florida. Although still part of the USF System, in 2006 USFSP had grown so large that it had outgrown branch-campus status and became a separately SACS-accredited institution. Sitting along the beautiful Bayboro Harbor and nestled into the heart of downtown St. Petersburg, the campus has grown to over 6,000 students with a near goal of 10,000. USFSP is Pinellas County’s only residential public research institution, offering 24 undergraduate and 12 graduate programs. USFSP continues to progress nationally and globally with some highlights such as being ranked 23rd in the nation among Southern Regional Public Universities by U.S. News & World. Furthermore, USFSP’s online MBA program is ranked 15th in the nation and 2nd in Florida. Due to the large growth, USFSP has developed an elaborate strategic plan for continuing success which focuses on greater implementation of sustainable development into the future of this campus.

“Our goal is a vision for USFSP that focuses our resources to have a powerful impact in Pinellas County and beyond. We are eager to move forward and build on the vision of making USFSP one of the best public institutions in the region.”
– Regional Chancellor Wisniewska

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