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Sustainable FloridiansSM

Are you interested in living a green and sustainable lifestyle? Pinellas County Extension offers the Sustainable FloridiansSM training program to help you change your practices to meet this goal. This unique training program creates knowledgeable and motivated residents and volunteers ready to support sustainable education programs and activities in the community.

What is Sustainable FloridiansSM?

Sustainable FloridiansSM is an education in action program that unites and empowers residents and volunteers who have an interest in protecting the environment and giving back to their communities.

The program provides a way for motivated individuals to connect personal decisions with information about sustainable practices.

Program Structure

Following an orientation session, program participants will attend a six week course that combines group discussions, weekly action exercises and resource materials for an interactive and informative program. Participants will be provided with course materials, books, energy conservation devices for the home, and other products that relate to sustainable living. Each week participants will meet to learn about:

  • energy conservation
  • local foods
  • consumerism
  • water conservation, and
  • community leadership.

You must complete at least five of the six modules to receive your certificate of completion and become a Sustainable FloridiansSM graduate.

Sustainable FloridiansSM - Your Commitment

As a Sustainable FloridianSM graduate, you take on the role of educator and activist within your community. Sustainable FloridiansSM work in the following areas to advance the message of sustainability and encourage residents to answer the call to sustainability.

Sustainable FloridiansSM may:

  • Give educational programs to the public
  • Support youth activities (K-12)
  • Participate in local outreach events
  • A group photo featuring a graduating class of Sustainable FloridiansSM. Participants include both men and women of various ages and backgrounds.


Sustainable FloridiansSM Logo
2016 Training

Class Dates:
Thursdays, April 7 - May 12
Weedon Island Preserve
1800 Weedon Dr NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33702
Registration opens:
March, 2016


Ramona Madhosingh-Hector
727-582-2656 .